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~ Executive Officers ~
- Grace Kelly
1st VP Programs - Rose Obetz
2nd VP Membership - Charleen Birgy
Secretary - Joyce Klemann
Treasurer - Mary Goodenough

~ Meeting Schedule ~
3rd Thursday each month @ 9AM
January - April
September - November
Camarillo Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Fireside Room 3975 Las Posas Road Camarillo, CA 93010
~ Directions ~
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Helpful Club Information

To join our group please contact
Charleen Birgy, our VP of Membership.
The yearly membership dues are $35.00.
Come to a meeting and see if you would like to join.

~ Standing Committees ~

Conservation - Mary Rockwell
Courtyard Care - Marie Coolidge
Facilities - Chad Hooper - Volunteers Needed   
   Axxess - Kathy Barnett     
   Pumpkin/Succulents - Alice Smith, Maria Trainor, Linda Malone      
   Wreaths - Maria Trainor, Joyce Klemann, Linda Martin
Holiday Luncheon - Gail Zehmer, Sharon Bellman, Bobbie Koenigsberger, Marie Coolidge
Horticulture - Anita Kuzas
Hospitality - Christine Binda, Marie Coolidge, Lori Beving, Lynn Saxey, Sally Armstrong
Installation Lunch - Anita Kuzas, Grace Kelly, Cynthia Simpson

Members Home Tour - Joyce Klemann
Newsletter - Bev Adams
Photography - Jeanette Filosa
Publicity - Teri McDaniel and Dennis R. Ling
Summer Social - Karen Roth, Anna Manocchio, Maria Trainor
Sunshine - Marlene Fowler
Teacher Grants - Pat Craig
Trips - Judy Crenshaw, Sharon Harada, Mary Mayhew, Jeanette Filosa, Sue Measures, Karen Roth
Ways & Means - Raymonda Kent,Cynthia Simpson
Website Designer - Dennis R. Ling
Yearbook - Bev Adams & Andrea Soriano

Axxess is a community savings directory book with 325 local merchant coupons and 100 2 for 1 specials with continuing 10% discounts for the year. Each year books are sold to members and outside individuals.

Pumpkin/Succulents Fundraiser: Pumpkins are grown locally. Members donate succulents from their gardens, decorate small pumpkins with succulents which are then sold at the Adolfo Camarillo Birthday Celebration in October. This year members sewed small gardening aprons which will be sold along with small gardening tools.

Holiday Wreath Fundraiser: Members sign-up for the number of wreaths they want to decorate. The wreaths are ordered in November. Members collect dry flora through out November. Some flora are painted. The first week in December members gather at the church to decorate the wreaths. To add to the festivity, wreaths are voted on to select the favorite and a prize is awarded.

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