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~ November 16, 2017: The Psychology of Design in Landscape Architecture ~

Have you ever wondered why you feel uncomfortable sitting in the center of your backyard? Or why your neighbor's patio seems much more welcoming than yours? Then, join Kern County Landscape Designer and Painter, David Gordon, as he describes with wit and insight, the impact of spaces we often take for granted.

~ January 18, 2018: Sustainable and Insectiary Gardening ~

Corey Welles, Plant Healthcare Coordinator for the renowned Lotusland in Santa Barbara, explains how he transitioned to fully organic, sustainable, methods to care for Lotusland, using beneficial insects, companion planting, mulching, and other techniques.

~ February 15, 2018: Pesticides and Herbicides Explained ~

Have you ever wondered what was actually contained in those herbicides and pesticides that you spray so liberally on your garden? Then, come hear Master Gardener and former Seed Production Manager for Seminis Seeds, Julian Hoyle, explain the real impact of these products. He will also offer many non-chemical alternatives to use.

~ March 15, 2018: How to Save Seeds from Your Garden ~

Laura Maher, a passionate seed saver and certified installer with Greywater Action, will discuss how to save seeds from your garden. Topics will include harvesting, storing, and germinating seeds, as well as the proper tools to use for these tasks.

~ April 19, 2018: Members-Only Pots and Plants Exchange ~

Garden club members bring pots and plants to share

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